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The most important exercise is learning how to brace your core muscles to increase your strength and protect your lumbar spine. Whether you are getting  up or down from the floor, chair or out of your car. Lifting anything around the house.  Playing a sport,  lifting weights “especially heavy weights”. You want to have a braced core. You will  have up to 30% more strength in your upper or lower body and be able to transfer the strength up and down the body. Your spine is incredibly strong when held in its normal position and most important the lumbar vertebrae where most people get injured and the worst place for that to happen. When your core is braced you lock your five lumbar vertebrae in place so they can’t move around and be injured. With practice you can master this and make it second nature, brace first then do anything I mentioned. Take a normal breath then exhale and think of pulling your diaphragm down towards your pelvis, feeling your abs tightened like a internal weight belt.  Now inhale low into your belly about a 3/4 breath like blowing up a balloon which pushes out on all sides and stays tight you are now braced. With practice this can happen in a couple of seconds. Your deepest ab muscle is your transverse abdominis which looks like a corset and works like one pulling around  your spine and locking it in place. I never use a weight belt (I like to lift heavy weights at 67 years young)  because I have mastered this movement and made it subconscious. Get good at belly breathing and bracing and see if you get up and down better, throw farther, lift heavier and keep a strong spine.

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