Nutrition and Diet, ALL GOALS FITNESS will teach you about nutrition good fats vs. bad fats. GOOD FATS, Essential fatty acids (EFAs) which improve immunity, slow aging, improve hormone production and signaling, and enhance well-being. BAD FATS, Trans-fats are created artificially by bubbling hydrogen gas through vegetable oil, a process called hydrogenation. It is mainly used to make it useful for deep-frying and packing foods and to solidify the oil for margarine and many baked goods. To much can clog the arteries. Trans-fat worsens blood cholesterol levels and increases risk for heart attack. Free Radicals VS. Antioxidants, free radicals are produced normally in the body like when you exercise, or are introduced into the body from the environment like smog or heavy metals in the water etc. Antioxidants can prevent free radicals from injuring your cells or forming in the first place. You will find them in your vegetables and fruits where your power nutrition comes from. You will learn about Simple Carbohydrate (sugars) vs. Complex Carbohydrate (starches and fiber). Protein, Sodium, Alcohol. Basically the effects of aging on the Nutritional Health of Seniors.


Risk Factors and LifeStyle Modifications. Physical inactivity, Cardiovascular disease, Excessive weight, Smoking, High LDL (bad) Cholesterol, Low HDL (good) cholesterol, Diabetic, Family history of heart disease. Healthy Habits, 10,000 steps a day (work up to it thru consistency), Strength training, Avoid foods high in saturated and trans-fats, eat a high-fiber diet, Eat more vegetables and fruits, peas and beans, seeds and nuts.


Health Assessment and Fitness Testing (strength and flexibility), in order to design a program that is right for you, your time available and history of exercise. Most important your goal! Flexibility and Mobilization. Collagen production and elasticity of the tissues decrease as we age. Evidence, however,suggests this is due to inactivity. Stretching and Mobilization exercises can effectively increase your range of motion! You need to use a combination of stretching and “mobilizing.” These exercises consist of active, gentile, and controlled movements performed fluidly and consistently. They will help loosen up and lubricate the joints with synovial fluid so the joint moves freely. Very good for arthritis.


Endurance Exercises. Most popular are walking, cycling, swimming, Treadmill, Low-impact aerobics, and water-aerobics. The most important rule is GRADUAL INCREASE AND START SLOW AND EASY. Consistent on a weekly basis. Your should feel better with every work-out, not exhausted.


Strength Training. The best equipment to start with are Exercise bands or tubing, Balance Ball, Light Dumbbells, and body-weight exercises. Again most important is doing things with good form and total control. Strength is built slowly over time, then the sky’s the limit. Anybody can triple there strength.


Posture and Balance. Good posture should be used in all your exercises and a strong core is important to have good posture and really important for your balance. So core and posture exercises should be included in every exercise session. We will put them at the top of the list in any program that we would design for you!


Lo-Back, Knees and shoulders. The big three injury sites, ALL GOALS FITNESS will make sure they would be top on the list to strengthen. Remember you can always train around any problem!


Motivation. The best way to stay motivated is to start slow and easy so you feel better and have more energy the next day and want to work-out again because it makes you feel good. You stimulate the body with a work-out then it rebuilds itself a little stronger in the next day or two so you can do a little more the next time. That is how it works for someone just starting or the best athletes in the world!


So let us help you get started the right way with a personalized program, and teach you perfect technique in every exercise and stretch which will last a lifetime.

seniors exercising and learning nutrition