GAIN MUSCLE, LOSE FAT or both is what everyone is looking for, in reality they are completely tied together along with nutrition. The main factors are genetics 75% or more, how you were taught at home, and your emotional state. Genetics are like your hard-drive in your computer, what you were born with. Your genes can go back eight generations or more, i.e. (andre’ the giant) had fairly normal sized parents!


The good news is WE ARE NOT A PRISONER OF OUR GENES! The saying is everyone can build muscle and lose fat, it’s just harder for some people than others. People do lose weight and keep it off. We can control the amount of energy we consume and burn everyday. Therefore, genetics may make it more difficult but not impossible. It’s all about lifestyle choices. There is no limit to fat-loss, if you are in a deficit calorie wise you will lose weight until death! Not a good idea. All goals fitness has studied 1,500lb people, anorexia, bulimia and freakasoid bodybuilders who get down to below 3% body-fat, not healthy!


All goals fitness has studied people that need to get calories to 300 a day! to lose weight. They have very little muscle, almost no activity in a day.  Analogy is they have a very small motor and almost never use it. How many calories do you think they need?  On the other hand a three to four hundred pound powerlifter who lifts tons of weight per day can be over 12,000 calories a day to maintain!


Are you getting the relationship between gaining muscle and losing fat plus activity. It’s just like a fire in your fireplace, if you want a bigger fire, more logs, smaller fire less logs, it only changes when you make the change. We have people tell us, I know I’m eating enough but the scale won’t stay where I want i.e. the hard gainer. What happens is they increase calories one day then drop the next, up and down because they don’t really know truly how many calories they are consuming daily . I know I’m throwing enough logs on the fire it’s just not getting bigger, REALLY? On the other hand I know I’m eating less calories but the scale stays the same, I’m throwing less logs on the fire but the fire stays the same. REALLY?


Yeah the laws of thermodynamics rule! Calories in, calories out. What about calories? Is a calorie a calorie? We get that question a lot. The answer is obvious, yes. Is a mile a mile, an inch an inch? It’s really the wrong question. It’s nutrients per calorie! Is a calorie of broccoli the same as a calorie of twinkies, I don’t think so. There are six classifications of nutrients. Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and water.


So if you want to gain muscle you need to be in a surplus of calories, enough to maintain, and the extra nutrients to build and maintain the new muscle. Plus the stimulus to put on that muscle and maintain it (progressive weight training). If you want to lose fat you will need to be in a deficit. Better eating choices and increased activity levels. These need to made in incremental and consistent way, and adhere to your lifestyle to make them permanent. Remember your body likes small consistent changes to be able to adapt to them over time to achieve new set points. Just enough to make your goals, and not to much to discourage you.


This is where All goals fitness comes into play. Together we can design a plan to achieve your goals. Whether it’s losing fat or gaining muscle or both, along with teaching proper nutrition using foods you like, unless it’s only twinkies that may be a small problem. It starts with setting goals that are reasonable.


In ten minutes we can weigh you do a body fat analysis (percent, fat mass, lean mass) and set a reasonable goal. Woman 1/4 lb lean muscle gain per week, 1lb fat loss per week. Men 1/2 lb lean muscle gain per week, 1lb fat loss per week on average.


Along with teaching you about nutrition and motivating you to make the right choices. Remember everyone can get there it’s just a little different for some people but never impossible! All goals fitness is dedicated to helping you and teaching you to achieve your goals from beginner to competitive athlete!

client holding a donut and an apple standing on a scale wondering what is best for muscle gain and fat loss