Mobility Training, mobility is being able to move your joints and muscles through a normal range of motion to accomplish any daily task or specific sport. It can also improve your posture. Which can help with aches and pains and body awareness. Also it can help with flexibility and visa versa. Everyone needs to be mobile, but as we age it becomes very important!

Mobility training can be used to warm-up, as part of any training or to help recover. As you address your entire spine, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist you will find areas that need specific work.

All Goals Fitness will help you with that to achieve symmetry in your body and move better. You should focus on all elements of the body moving as one, while stretching focuses on mainly on the muscle itself. Exercises should be personalized to the individual like any type of training. Specificity, timing and breathing are all important, find what needs work and prioritize your time for those areas. We will help you address all the techniques you will need to master your mobility!


Circuit Training is a fast-paced form of exercise where you perform one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes then move on to another exercise. It can be done by one person or a class. Incorporating many exercises while getting a total body workout. You will increase your aerobic and strength fitness level while burning a lot of calories.

This type of training tends to be intense, but it is adaptable to the individual with proper guidance. Beginners use less weight and perform simpler moves than experienced exercisers, but each would get a good workout. It can be a fun fast-paced workout that adds variety to any total fitness program.

Even though it’s fast paced All Goals Fitness still focuses on proper technique! While also checking heart-rate to personalize the workout. Multiple exercise training can involve unlimited types of exercises to really keep motivation at high levels.  Anyone can use Circuit training and benefit from it.  Athletes in competitive sports use circuit training in the off-season or to get ready for the intensity of training camp. Busy people will benefit from the combination of aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility all in one workout.

Studies show that circuit training is the most time efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. From a health perspective oxygen consumption and muscular stimulus plus physical activity guidelines can all be achieved!


Interval Training is the type of training that involves a series of low-to high-intensity workouts with rest periods, all adjusted by your relative fitness level. It can use any cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, rowing etc.). You can also mimic many types of sports that change intensity quickly. Aerobic and strength exercises can be  interspersed. Varying the intensity of the workout improves your aerobic capacity and lets you workout longer and at a higher level. Your total calorie burn is also higher than steady state aerobics.

As you get in better shape you can train in or close to anaerobic exercise and burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Just like a car with your foot to the floor you burn more gas, a good analogy. Plus the more muscle or horsepower you have the more calories or gas you will burn. With everyone’s busy lifestyle this becomes more important! Intervals can also be less monotonous than continuous-intensity training.

Interval training can enhance lactate threshold and VO2max which can help performance in endurance events, you can intake more oxygen and sustain more aerobic effort. There is increasing evidence it can help manage risk factors of many diseases including metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes by improving insulin action and sensitivity. Also raising HDL levels. Let All Goals Fitness help you choose the right intervals for you and increase them at the correct rate to achieve your fitness goals!

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client performing flex-band tricep and rotator cuff mobility stretch
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