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We all are born with different genetics, body type (bone structure, muscle size, fiber-type etc.) also coordination, flexibility, strength. Some more inclined towards sports, high energy-low energy, internalizers, externalizers, unmotivated or highly motivated. This is why no one program fits all people. The program must fit the individuals strengths and weaknesses what ever they are, mental or physical. This is the personal in personal fitness training!

We must be specific in our goals. They could be fat-loss/muscle-gain, specific sports or run a mile. The more specific the better chance of success. Have we tried this before, what were the results? What did we learn that we could use now? Let’s determine a specific goal we can achieve, put together a program that fits you as an individual, address all your needs to make that goal a reality!

When we train our bodies create stress, then we super-compensate by becoming a little stronger so we can handle increased stress in the future. This must be done incrementally, so as to not overtrain which can lead to injury, demotivation and even sickness. The body thrives on small changes it can adapt to. It’s best to highly monitor your training load to assure you are overloading it with greater amounts for supercompensation without overtraining. This is the main reason people plateau in there gains/goals!

The use it or lose it rule says that you must maintain your skill or lose that capacity. Your highest levels can drop off by 5% to 10% after only 3 weeks of non-use. Although once lost the skill or strength will recover much easier because the neurological foundation has been laid. Also the recovery abilities will return quicker in trained athletes vs. the non-trained.

So putting it all together we are all different and need specific programs. We need to be specific in our goals. We need to monitor our progressive loads and progress in general. Most important we need to be consistent and incremental in our progress to stay healthy and motivated.


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